Timing Chains

Most engines have either a timing belt (sometimes called a cambelt), or a timing chain. These items effectively ‘link’ the bottom and top halves of the engine together and make them operate. If they fail, it is almost guaranteed to cause major engine damage.

Timing belts have a fixed lifespan. The manufacturers for most models state that the belt must be changed either on a time or mileage basis. To change these items often requires specialist tools, of which we have bought many. There is generally no warning of a belt failure until it is too late!

Timing chains are designed with no fixed lifespan, but various factors can cause engines to suffer with timing chain problems. The most common symptom of a worn or stretched timing chain is a rattle when starting your engine first thing in the morning. If you hear a noise like this, it might be a good idea to get us to check it out before needing a very costly engine repair. Again, timing chains require many special tools to align correctly. We have invested in these for the most common engines.

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