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Family Run business


We are a long established family run business that takes pride in the work that we do.
We aim to provide the best possible service we can to our customers old and new.

We can maintain your car to a very high standard and are capable of taking on even the most complex of jobs. Please have a look around our website and see for yourself what we can do for you.

Our performance software is sourced from the UK's leading Audi/Volkswagen group tuning company,
MRC Tuning, this gives us the confidence that the software we provide to your car will be of a known high quality which has been track and dyno proven for long term reliability and drivability. Each and every car is data logged on the road, and tested prior to any tuning work is carried out to ensure your car is safe to tune. After this the software from YOUR car is sent to MRC Tuning, with the data logs, to be modified by the expert calibrator to suit your car. We then upload the custom tuned software into the car and data log again. Once we are satisfied with the safe data logs the car is returned to the owner.

When new vehicles are released, the engine management systems are often written with many compromises taken into account, these include poor grade fuels and lack of servicing, this means that the engine will be working well below what it is capable of doing. Using the latest in flash technology, we can upgrade the ECU without the need of soldering in chips. In most cases it can be done via the diagnostic port inside the vehicle.

This service not only improves the cars performance, increasing the torque and power, but can also reward you with fuel savings if you choose to drive the car in a more fuel efficient manner.

Typical gains for stage 1 remapping are as listed below:

Non turbo - typically 5-10% more power with hesitations and flat spots eliminated
Turbo - typically 20-25% more power and torque making the car feel more responsive
Turbo Diesel - typically 25-30% more power and torque making the car more responsive

Please contact us with your particular car details for accurate information and current prices.


Other tuning/upgrade services:

Poly bushes from various suppliers depending on application
Stainless steel exhaust from Milltek and Scorpion
HEL braided brake lines
Turbo Dynamics hybrid turbos
Loba Motorsport products
Wagner Tuning products
034 Motorsport
KW Suspension
H&R Suspension and wheel spacers
BMC air filters
Ferodo racing braking products
Sachs performance clutches

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