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Family Run business


We are a long established family run business that takes pride in the work that we do.
We aim to provide the best possible service we can to our customers old and new.

We can maintain your car to a very high standard and are capable of taking on even the most complex of jobs. Please have a look around our website and see for yourself what we can do for you.



Our fully automatic recharging station allows us to completely service the air conditioning system on your car. This machine removes the old gas, filtering and recycling it to remove any contaminants. A vacuum test then removes traces of moisture that can cause pipes and heat exchangers to corrode from the inside and this also checks the system for any major leaks. The system is then refilled with the correct quantity of gas and compressor oil and is ready to go.

This is recommended to be carried out every 3 years to keep the system in top working condition.

If your car is suspected to have a leak we can carry out a Nitrogen test. This fills the system with the inhert, ozone friendly gas, above the normal working pressure to find any leaks that can then be rectified before recharging with refrigerant.

We also offer a leak tracing service using UV dye technology, which can also be added to the system during a service at additional cost.

Anti-bacterial treatment

Ever get that musty smell whenever you turn on your cars A/C? That is the smell of the bacteria that is building up on the evaporator in the A/C system, which can in severe cases lead to runny noses, sore eyes and even colds. We have a simple solution. Using ultra sonic technology, a cleaning solution is vaporised inside the car and removes the harmful bacteria, leaving a fresh lightly fragranced scent."


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